When will my product be shipped?

We ship your product within 24 hours after payment - even on weekends.

How long does the shipping take?

Germany: 2-3 business days

Europe: 3-4 businessays

The shipping-time can vary and depends on our shipping partner DHL.

Will my skin turn green?

No. Cheap materials like copper and fake gold can turn the skin green. Our products are made from high quality materials, which will never turn your skin green.

Can I wear my jewlery while taking a shower?

Of course! Our jewelry is water resistent and will never fade in color or shine. You can wear it while you're swimming in the lake, taking a shower or swimming in the pool.

Will my jewelry change color?

No – Due to the fact, that we're using high quality materials, the color of our jewelry never fades or loses shine.

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